Writing From the Heart 

Writing From the Heart

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I write in two categories. The first is faith. I began as a writer of articles for Christian magazines, devotionals, Sunday School papers and women's magazines. Always, I shared from my heart about how God and the Bible influence the way I view people, circumstances and the future.


At 21, I graduated from my denomination's Bible College. After that, I had no idea what to do with my training. I ended up going to Newfoundland to assist an older, very holiness oriented single lady pastor. What a disaster! For her and me. This story, Forgiving Miss White, is in my book, One Good Word Makes all the Difference.


I returned to Ontario and went to work in an office. Gradually, I lost interest in church and in God. I stuffed my Bible in the glove compartment of my car and intended never to read it again. The story of how it got out of the glove compartment is also in One Good Word Makes All the Difference.


I ditched my faith and invented a newer, cooler version of myself. None of my co-workers knew I'd attended a Bible college and they never would've guessed it from my behaviour.


Then, in a twist of events, three people came into my life - Grace, Betty and Doug who I married. This story is told in Faithful to the Prodigal, also in One Good Word Makes all the Difference.


My life took a decided turn. I fell for a Jesus I never really knew, a loving, forgiving Saviour who waited in the wings until I was ready to reach out and take His hand.


I've loved books since age ten when I read Huckleberry Finn. The story of my affair with Mark Twain is also in One Good Word Makes all the Difference. Since, many writers have influenced me - Catharine Marshall, Philip Yancey, C. S. Lewis, Herman Wouk, Jeffrey Archer and Peter Robinson. Did I mention that I'm a mystery lover and that I have almost every book written by Agatha Christie, the greatest mystery writer of all time?


I regularly write about my faith at Listening to My Hair Grow,   http://rosemccormickbrandon.wordpress.com


I have another passion - Canadian history. My special passion is ifor the Canadian hisitorical period 1869-1939. More than 100,000 British child immigrants came to Canada during this period. I am one of the more 3 million Canadians who are descendants of a homechild. My maternal grandmother and my paternal great-grandfather both immigrated to Canada as home children.


That's why I write the stories of these children. My book, Against All Odds: Stories of Canada's Child Immigrants will be complete some time later this year. I also created a blog for their stories: http://littleimmigrants.wordpress.com